7 Best & Delicious Polenta Recipes to Lose Weight

7 Best & Delicious Polenta Recipes to Lose  Weight

07-Best & Delicious Polenta Recipes to Lose Weight

Polenta is the best choice for people on a gluten-free diet or looking to lose or maintain weight. Polenta is shabby and nutritious sustenance that invigorates assimilation, expels abundance water from the tissues, gives the body vitality, reestablishes hormonal adjust.

Polenta has beta-carotene and slightly fewer calories. polenta is gluten-free it can easily replace wheat-based meals. Polenta may be a low carbohydrate food rich in vitamins A and C making it an honest source of the lutein, zeaxanthin, and carotenoids. The extent of beta-carotene is 97 micrograms per 100g with health benefits like heart condition prevention and cancer.

What is Polenta?

Polenta is an easy-to-please Italian staple which will be transformed into sweet or savory dishes.

What is Polenta

Polenta is a Traditional Northern Italian dish prepared from coarsely ground yellow corn, polenta has gone on to have a place in cuisines around the world.because of its simplicity and flexibility in foodsLearn more about Polenta

How to Make Polenta?

The video below will show you how to make a simple polenta:  Get Polenta From Amazon 

07-Delicious Polenta Recipes to Lose Weight : 

1# - Polenta and Eggs

A simple, fast, and delicious meal. low carb & fat (24g, 11g), made from one cup of polenta and egg settled in the oven for 10 minutes, also you have the choice to choose the vegetables which you like with the meal

Polenta and Eggs
Ingredients and instructions to make polenta and egg. HERE

2#- Mediterranean vegetable polenta

A healthy meal because it is a 100% vegetarian meal. Low carb & low fat (46g, 15g), prepare Vegetables on low heat, then cook polenta. Finally, put prepared vegetables above Polenta as in the below image.

Mediterranean vegetable polenta

Ingredients and instructions to make Mediterranean vegetable Polenta. HERE


3# - Tomatoey Shrimp and Polenta

A mixture of tomato and shrimp topped in polenta with the addition of delicious orange peel. Low carb & low fat (22.1g, 3.6g).

Tomatoey Shrimp and Polenta

Ingredients and instructions to make Tomatoey Shrimp and Polenta. HERE

4# - Polenta Fingers

A healthy alternative meal to rice or fried potatoes. A weight-loss aid meal, rich in fiber,  An easy meal to prepare in a short time. Approx 8-10 Calories per finger.

Polenta Fingers
Ingredients and instructions to make Polenta Fingers. HERE

5# - Upside-Down Blood Orange–Polenta Cake

This cake is delicious from my experience. I preferred to include it on the list because losing weight is difficult for many of us, and we often break the diet routine by eating whatever sweets Cakes we like, so this meal is delicious and contains few calories compared to the other cakes.

Upside-Down Blood Orange–Polenta Cake

Ingredients and instructions to make Upside-Down Blood Orange–Polenta CakeHERE

6# - Perfectly Creamy Polenta Recipe

Tired of work or you don’t have much time, this meal that contains 3 ingredients and prepared in 20 minutes is the solution, also the meal is healthy and delicious.

It is preferable to use goat cheese instead of Salted butter.

Perfectly Creamy Polenta Recipe

Ingredients and instructions to make Perfectly Creamy Polenta Recipe. HERE

7# - Wild Mushroom & Polenta Casserole

Good recipe but you have to pay attention In this recipe to the selection of cheese and which wild mushroom you employ. low carb low fat (28.7g,  17g), This meal is recommended for people who are not far from the ideal body they are looking for.

Wild Mushroom & Polenta Casserole

Ingredients and instructions to make Wild Mushroom & Polenta CasseroleHERE


Polenta may be a wonderful dish that goes with breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees and it is often served hot or cold, soft or hard making it one the foremost versatile foods. 
Homemade cooked polenta will start to get funky in the refrigerator in a few days polenta is easy to make so cook what you need for the next day or two.

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